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Commercial Acoustics


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  • MFLA-4-36 
    45 degree Blade, 4" Depth
  • MFLA-6-36-R
    45 degree Blade, 6" Depth, Standard Pressure Loss
  • MFLA-6-36-LP
    45 degree Blade, 6" Depth, Low Pressure Loss
  • MFLA-8-36
    45 degree Blade, 8" Depth
  • MFLA-8-36AF
    45 degree Air Foil Blade, 8" Depth
  • MFLA-12-36R
    45 degree Blade, 12" Depth, Standard Pressure Loss
  • MFLA-12-36LP
    45 degree Blade, 12" Depth, Low Pressure Loss
  • MFLA-12-36AF
    45 degree Air Foil Blade, 12" Depth
  • MFA-15A
    Extruded Aluminum
    40 degree Blade Stormproof, 6" Depth
Commercial Acoustics’ louvers are easily installed, sturdy and built-to-last. We offer a wide array of construction options including aluminum, stainless steel, natural fiber mold resistant acoustical fill and several types of linings ranging from acoustically transparent to completely impervious. Optional finishes include anodized, Kynar® and thermal setting powder coat.

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